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VOE’s own XL-Rellz Steals the Show in New York City

For an artist, your first performance in front of your first crowd could be one of the greatest things to happen or can be one of the worst things to happen. In VOE artist “XL-Rellz” first performance, he was chosen as the best performance of the night at Tunage Showcase, Coney Island, NY. This show was sponsored by XXIV & Music Network Media. This Rooftop performance was a private show to display the talents of artists across the globe to Industry executives, giving artists an opportunity to show what they got. Among many of the contestants, there were two artists that represented Visions Attire’s music branch known as VOE The Label. VOE’s own VOE DA$H set the tone by performing three of his own songs. Two of them are released and one unreleased (footage and music will be found down below). DA$H is an extremely versatile lyricist that intertwines the old school hip-hop with the new school.

Overall, DA$H had one of the most successful performances of the night, but it wasn’t enough to take home the crown. Following DA$H, XL-Rellz had an electric performance to say the least. Performing two unreleased songs and one released single. The first song he performed known as “My Fault” captivated the audience (official music video down below). My Fault is a song about Rellz turning tragedy to triumph by bouncing back from a toxic relationship, “Abandoned” artist TommyHill is also featured in this heartfelt track. He followed up with an unreleased song that we do not know the name of yet. It was extremely Energetic and kept the audience's heads bouncing. Lastly he performed his unreleased song “You.” This is the first time he has shown the world this beautiful song, and now have received word from social media that this track is set to come to all streaming platforms March 18th. We have been given the pre-release link, which will be down below. Overall, he won the crowd over with his powerful voice and lyricism. Like said before, your first show can be the start to a dream coming true but could also bring you into a real life living nightmare. For Rellz, it is starting to look like the start of a dream coming true. The industry has gotten a small taste and is definitely wanting more of this phenomenal artist.

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