Visions. Who are we? We're a unique, one-of-a-kind clothing line based in Pittsburgh, PA. Visions Attire has been an idea since the early Fall of 2016, and it has now became reality. Why Visions? We picked Visions because each person has a different Vision of everything. This is our Vision of the past, present, and future, this meaning we are trying to express ourselves through our clothing. Everyone has a form of expression. We are all artists, and Visions Attire encourages you to find yours.


We started advertising in February 2017 and our first order dropped in March of the same year. First, we released our Floral Long Sleeves. This shirt sold out the very first day. Since then, we've been staying active and keeping up with the demand for new products. Owning a clothing line has always been a dream for the three of us. With a lot of great support and feedback, we will continue to grow and keep on grinding!



Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is where it all began, a group of three high school juniors who had a dream, and now you can see our products in other surrounding states. Thanks to all of our help and encouragement, we have been working to expand even more. Our company has helped us to meet many cool people, cool people as in other clothing companies, rappers, and just consumers who support our cause. We plan on expanding, even more, every day and we're all going to keep working to our goal and being the biggest clothing brand to come out of Pittsburgh and one of the biggest in the world.



Derrek Mcfadden

Derrek Mcfadden is from Pittsburgh along with the other two. Derrek met Mikel when he was 12 through Boys and Girls Club basketball. Derrek met Gio in their first period of their first high school class and grew closer and closer over the years. Derrek got involved in Visions after he seen Gio making a few designs in history class. After that he got into a few conversations with Mikel and Gio and was ready to work, he had his share of the start up money and gave it to Mikel to order. Since Visions started Derrek had his fair share of jobs including places like Dunkin', Mcdonalds, Buffalo Wild Wings and more. But Derrek then realized that these jobs weren't really for him and wanted to focus more on the company. 

Devyn "Gio" Giovengo

Devyn Giovengo (or better known as “Gio”) is from Pittsburgh, PA. Gio has also always had a sense for business, when he was in seventh grade he started his own shoe restoration business that grew to almost 1,000 likes on Facebook. Gio moved to a few schools in his early years but when he moved to Montour High School as a freshman he met Derrek and Mikel. When Mikel told Gio about wanting to “do something big” he was 100% ready to work no matter what it was, since they were both into clothing they pursued Visions. Gio is now a junior at Thiel College and is on the wrestling team. He plans to graduate with a Marketing Degree and then get a job after college.

Mikel Battles

Mikel currently lives in Pittsburgh, PA. He  has always had a dream to become someone very influential at a young age, he decided that he was always going to work hard to get it. He started out with cutting grass and shoveling snow and when he turned 13, he became a soccer official. When he turned 15 he got his first job a Panera Bread and worked at Burgatory along with Gio. Gio was a kid he met freshmen year by almost getting into a fight with him over a basketball game but later became really good friends. Since then he convinced Mikel to wrestle. One day, Mikel told Gio that he wanted to “do big things, bigger than anyone in this school has ever arrived for” and shortly after, put their well-earned money together and skipped the beginning of a wrestling practice together and made the first-ever Visions product, the "floral long sleeves" after that Visions Attire was history in the making. Mikel is now a junior at Slippery Rock University.