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Visions Attire “Spring 2023” Pop-up Shop: Blooming Into The Season

Article written by: Rachel Yadav

Back and better than ever, Visions Attire © hosted yet another successful Pop-up Shop

on May 13, 2023 in Pittsburgh, PA. The nearly 10,000-square-feet pop-up celebrates the launch of the second drop of “Spring 2023,” a showcase collection dedicated to Spring.

Products ranged from hats to sweatsuits; everything and anything you could think of. Here is a list of the products available for purchase in the shop:

  • Chase Your Visions T-Shirts

  • Chase Your Visions Kids Tess

  • Flame Stacked Sweatpants

  • Flame hoodies (matching the stacked sweats)

  • Battling Demons Hoodies

  • VOE trucker hats

  • Variation of 1 of 1s and more

People from everywhere were able to come and enjoy the vision: to enjoy life and be united as one, regardless of the means. Our diversity is what matters to us the most.

We want everyone to be able to feel comfortable in their Visions attire, and in their own vision [of life]. Generations of individuals are able to share in our story and our vision, that alone is truly a blessing.

If you missed the event, do not worry. We have everyone covered. The “Spring 2023” collection is now live on our website. You can click on the ‘Shop Visions’ tab on the top or visit:

We thank everyone who came out to support the event and grab some Visions gear. Until next time, we hope to see you there.

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