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Visions Attire “Graduation” Pop-Up Shop Event in Pittsburgh, PA

Upcoming fashion event hosted by small business Visions Attire with a ton of local Pittsburgh based art displayed and for sale.
Visions Attire “Graduation” pop-up shop in Pittsburgh, PA.

The success of local clothing line Visions Attire is no secret to Pittsburgh, PA and other local cities. Customers from various different surrounding cities have been posting about the upcoming pop-up shop. This includes people from various parts of Florida, Cleveland, New York, New Jersey, Wilmington, Charlotte and more.

All of the fashion showcased in this graphic digital edit by Gio Made It, will be sold at the upcoming coming Pop-up shop.
Austin Parker modeling Visions Attire full-zip hoodie, t shirt and 1of1 trucker hat.

Clothes that have been teased by Visions Attire include various different colored sweatsuits, full zip hoodies, tees, 1of1 handcrafted crewnecks, 1of1 handcrafted beanies and more.

The “Visions and Friends Pop-Up” event was a huge success. This was Visions Attire’s first attempt at a pop-up shop and it was hosted in Pittsburgh’s Sheraden neighborhood (alike to the upcoming pop-up). The first pop-up shop sold out almost completely in just four hours. From the looks and sound of everything it seems that this event will be at least doubled in size! 

Photo taken by Gio Made It in abandoned building in rural Pennsylvania .
Visions Attire comforting sweat pants and 1of1 beanbag.

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