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Visions Attire “Graduation” Pop-up Shop - A Start of a New Beginning

Article written by: Amir "XL Rellz" Seay

From a highschool dream, to a clothing empire. The “Visions Attire” reach has extended from local to global. What started off as 3 teens with a vision, “Visions Attire” has done much more over the years, with footing in the music industry, graphic design, and videography industries.

With a great deal of time and effort, December 17th, 2022 marked an incredible milestone. A pop-up shop with a fitting theme. “Graduation”.

What does Graduation mean to most?

An achievement? An ending? A celebration?

All of those could be used to correctly define the word.

But to our friends from “Visions” graduation actually means 2 things.

#1 - It’s a congrats on making it to the end. A celebration of success for the literal graduation of college. 2 of the founders Devyn "Gio Made It" Giovengo - Thiel College, And Mikel "Kelfromvisions" Battles - Slippery Rock University.

#2 - It's the ending, or better yet the beginning of what’s to come from “Visions Attire”. Graduation symbolizes the start of a new chapter… A new vision. A new journey. A new trip.

The “Visions Attire” Graduation pop-up shop, or “The Graduation” as we’ll call it, was the successor of the August 6th, “Visions and Friends” pop-up shop.

With the support of many and dedication from the brand, the first event nearly sold out. But “The Graduation” was entirely different.

You’ve heard of the term Go big or Go home right?

Well let's just say nobody went home.

Double the products, double the promo, double the people, double the love, sheesh maybe even triple some things. One thing for sure: The Graduation was bigger, badder and better. An event you just had to be at.

Alas hope was not lost for those who couldn’t attend. With a vlog shot by @shooter.gav coming soon. The Graduation Collection is Available now on the “Visions Attire” website. So I encourage you to blink a couple times, adjust your glasses, pop in some contacts, because this is “VISIONS”… You don’t wanna miss it.

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