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Gio Made It: Entrepreneur of The Generation

Devyn “Gio” Giovengo AKA Gio Made It has been an aspiring entrepreneur ever since he was young. Always finding a way to make money and build connections, Gio used to sell/trade shoes to get pocket change while always updating his wardrobe. Today, he takes a different approach selling his own brand of clothing line “Visions Attire.” Visions clothes range from jogger sweatpants to the occasional one-of-one jean jacket. His team started small back in highschool when the brand was founded with his two of his best friends Mikel Battles AKA “Kelfromvisions” and Derrek McFadden. Although the team has grown since then, Gio still keeps his circle very small. He likes “creative, hardworking and driven people” who don’t just push themselves but people who can also find ways to push him. Visions Attire is set to drop their new “Broken World” T-Shirts within the next week which is very exciting because most of the clothing on their site is sold out.

Growing Rapidly

Before Gio was Gio Made It, he used a camera from his school and shot music videos for his musician friends. However, the clientele added up quickly and what started out as a school project, has quickly turned into his biggest business venture yet! He has upgraded all of his equipment from the camera to the editing software and most recently shot/edited the video for “No Way” by Kelfromvisions which boasts a strong 25,000+ views on YouTube. Along the way, he has teamed up with the likes of Shooter Gav and Shot By Chipz to further his team of videographers/editors. Never one to shy away from work, Gio has also done music videos for various artists across the United States; including but not limited to New York, Florida, Pennsylvania, Texas and more. This continues to prove that this is not a hobby for Gio, but rather a business plan to fulfill a dream of his own and help everyone around him as well.

Gio Can Make You

Aside from being a seasoned entrepreneur Gio is a full-time college student in pursuit of a marketing degree. He went into detail in our interview about how life can be hard and is in fact never easy to juggle his many responsibilities. At the end of the day Gio is and always will be a marketer. He is the man to go to when you need the publicity you deserve and managed/is currently managing many popular names in the underground music industry. One of which is his good friends Kelfromvisions. Kel just released his new song “Runaway” on all major streaming platforms so I’m sure we’ll be seeing the duo put out another music video very soon. A team full of Marketers are bound to get their brand noticed.

What’s Next?

It’s obvious Gio Made It has big plans for the future but I think the biggest question is what will spark his interest next? He has excelled in the fashion and music lanes, but I don’t think these will be the last businesses Gio attacks. We can all only hope he keeps producing content and using his creativity in whatever avenue he chooses.

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