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Creator's Corner: VYBE Entertainment Breaking Into The Industry

"For the people, For the streets". VYBE Entertainment is a full-service music publishing and entertainment label. One of the faster-growing labels coming out of Boston, Massachusetts. VYBE's main goal is to put a spotlight on uncovered talent, all across the East coast. In search of talented artists, producers, rappers, singers, and songwriters. Stay on the lookout for this Label, Boston is not ready for the potential that VYBE holds.

Dreams Came True

It started off as an idea. The owner has always been passionate about music. All he had to do was "roll the dice" or spin the roulette wheel better yet. One night he won big and got all the funds he needed to kickstart his label. He believes that his love for music and his business mind will manifest a better life for him, and his team.

Accomplishment and Future Goals

In the time that VYBE has been operating, they have already got the ball rolling. Right now VYBE working with 6 artists but will be adding a few more to the roster. Shy Gawdly will be the biggest artist to ever come out of Boston in the new few years. They are also working with a west coast artist by the name of Lil Chronic. He has more of a punk sound mixed with hip-hip which I think will be big in the future. VYBE highly recommends that you stay on the lookout for a producer named Razza. He has major potential and is someone to look out for this year. As for this year, they have big plans on the way. VYBE plans to accumulate 5 Million streams for every single artist that signs to them, in hopes of landing a distribution deal with a major label like Sony Music Entertainment, American Record Corporation, Warner Music Group, Island Records, or BMG Rights Management. VYBE Entertainment, has big plans in 2021, to say the least.

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