Devyn "Gio Made It" Giovengo


Devyn Giovengo (also known as Gio) is an entrepreneur and creative director focusing mainly in fashion and digital art. Digital art expands from graphic design, fashion design, video editing (music videos mainly), etc. Gio's first experience with running a business dates back to middle school. 

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"Graduation" Pop-Up Shop (12.17.2022)

Many of the designs showcased at the upcoming pop-up shop were put together by Gio. As well as the graphic contents put together for it.


Thiel Wrestling Social Media Internship (August 2022-December 2022)

I spent a ton of time my final semester in college with the wrestling team but from a different perspective. My goal with my internship was to get my talented team more recognition and high quality content to showcase their handwork.

Checkout work @thielwrestling