New York based Artist Laszlo Lang Signs to Extraterrestrial Music Group

Artist and producer Laszlo Lang is the future of music, with the recent signing to Extraterrestrial Music Group. Mixing tons of different types of influences, Laszlo has truly developed his own sound. Laszlo started playing the guitar when he was just seven years old which has helped him become truly gifted with it. He also started playing the drums at just nine years old.

Laszlo loved growing up in Woodstock, with a town with less than 6,000 people he knew most of the town. This was perfect for Laszlo as he said “I wouldn’t want to have grown up anywhere else.”

What got Laszlo into music was first listening to Green Day’s “American Idiot” album. “It literally changed my life” Laszlo stated. Green Day specifically made him want to start playing the guitar. For a portion of his Laszlo idolized Billie Joe Armstrong, he saw him as a god. He would sit there and watch live videos of Green Day and they made everything look so easy, almost like clockwork. That really helped him start his path.

After Laszlo started with the guitar and drums he didn’t stop. When Laszlo turned eleven, a music school “The Rock Academy” opened. It was a “School of Rock” type of thing and was actually started up by the creator of the School of Rock music schools. When Laszlo's father asked if he wanted to join he couldn’t turn it down.

The first show he played was a tribute to Pink Floyd’s “The Wall”. He joined as a drummer for the first year and a half. He recalls just being in that environment with everyone and learning anything and everything involving instruments. He’d practice until he had calluses and learned to play through it. Learning how to play upto two hour long live shows and playing with other people his age and older.

Laszlo had started taking music seriously after he graduated high school in 2019. In September 2020, he had released his debut album “Lavender” and that was really the first time he felt like this music stuff was really feasible. After this, in November 2020, Extraterrestrial Music Group followed his Instagram and began to engage with his posts. After this, Laszlo reached out for some services and the team liked what they saw in him. The end of January came around and Laszlo reached out about being interested in getting management, they got on a call and the rest is history.

What Laszlo plans to accomplish with Extraterrestrial is to get his name out there as an artist and producer. He also plans on collaborating with the other members on the team whether that be producing, co-writing or having an artist feature on his music. Laszlo would love to work with Jeremy Zucker, Chelsea Cutler, blackbear, Two Feet, and i’d love to get in the studio Daniel Seavey from Why Don’t We.

Laszlo's end goal is to be able to make a living off of his music, he has many different inspirations and styles and does everything himself from writing to recording to production. He really wants to show the world of young musicians & producers that they can anything and everything.

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