Creator's Corner: Extraterrestrial Music Group Welcomes New Artist "Natural Onyx"


Natural Onyx is the next big thing out of Cincinnati, Ohio. Extraterrestrial Music Groups first signed artist, Natural Onyx is looked at as some as "The Chosen One". Natural Onyx is a singer who was introduced to music at a young age from her mother and father who were both musical creatives playing multiple instruments and performing. As she said before “it was embedded in my genes”.

Why Music

After taking a few years off of creating music she started creating again, what made her start creating again? The music her children listen to influenced her to start creating again. The goal she has with her music is to pass her positive uplifting vibrations to the listeners. Not only that but she also wants to pass the message of "self love, healing from past trauma, and being proactive with holding ourselves accountable for our future generations" The music that made her start making music starts with her mother and brother Yosiyah, Sistah Soldier, Queen Latifah, Bob Marley, Buju Banton, KRS One, Bone Thugs in Harmony, India Arie, Erykah Badu, Mos Def, Tribe Called Quest and many many more.

How Did You Come Across Extraterrestrial Music Group?

"Actually through an Uber driver who happens to be a Loc client of mine who really supports and believes in my music he led Extraterrestrial to me."

What Do You Want Extraterrestrial Music Group To Do For You?

Natural Onyx wants ETMG to have the team together that will change the world and if they're unsuccessful with that then at least their world's. Natural Onyx comes off as being eager and ready to work, she is ready to be the future as does ETMG.

Tell Us About Your Song "Red Lighters"

"Man this song in particular was birthed from my disgust of the extreme amount of unjust murders and the injustices we continuously face as a people. The red lights are being held up for our lost loved ones and represent the blood that was shed. I wanted to tell a story and leave clues to tools we should use to flip this ugly page in our Earth's story and to tell the system that we won't forget what is being done to us and we will not continue to take it lightly."


Newest Release

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