Creator's Corner: Charlottes Very Known Christan Artist “Robyington”

Charlotte, North Carolina’s own, Robyn Gool Jr. known as “RJG” or “Robyington” isn’t your normal 22 year old kid. Looking at RJG there isn’t much this kid doesn’t or can’t do. He is heavily into his music, politics, his faith, business and somehow even more.

Growing Up In Charlotte

When we asked RJG about coming up in Charlotte, it seemed like “unique” was the perfect word to describe it. The influence on him rubbed off as well. “My city is unique and filled with different vibes”, he explained. He also said how he feels like Charlotte has a different type of sound that needs to be exposed to the world and after hearing some of RJGs tracks I agree.

The Sound

Robyington shows his versatile ability on tracks like “Blessings” where he can sound similar to a J-Cole or Logic. And then sound like an old school west coast influenced artist on tracks like “Paper”. What artist did he come up on to have such a versatile style may you ask? “Drake, first off his sound has established and changed the game” he explains. He said Drake is the artist that influenced him more than any other.

Newest Work

Robyington and the Extraterrestrial team linked up and shot a video to his song on all platforms “They Know”. The video was shot and directed by Gio Made It. This song is off of Robyingtons 2020 tape Vacation!

Words Of Wisdom

When we asked Robyington what roadblocks he has had to overcome as an artist he simply replied “Not too many.” He added “I’ve been able to maintain an easy way of finding my sound and elevating it.” He also said for any business owner or artist who is just starting up he would like to let them know the most important things are to work hard and never give up. No matter what your case is just keep chasing your dreams, most failures “are failures because they won’t try to fulfill their dreams.”


Newest Release

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